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Anonymous asked: "I would deny the existence of God" A quote taken from you. This is certainly not going to be a question. Everyone seems to have faith in what they believe when it pertains to god. Atheists seem to have the most faith. There is no proof either way. God isnt something that can be understood by humans at this point in time and deciding to believe one way or the other is useless. God is just another tool in the box.

If deciding to believe one way or the other is useless, then accepting the existence of God is just as empty a statement as denying it.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever met or fought the character polletjepikhaar in your travels? Would you fight him if you did meet him in your Loki?

I’m afraid I have no idea who that is, which probably means I’d be oblivious to what I was getting in to and would fight him. And lose.

Anonymous asked: How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?

You secure that shit, Hudson!

Anonymous asked: I love your blog and it's awesome that you write so much and so often. You seem to like Loki a lot for flying solo in wormholes and I'm wondering if you could tell a little bit more about your preferred Loki fit (if it's not a secret)? I took a peek at your KB, saw a recent Loki loss (sorry) and noticed that you don't use a web but a sensor booster. While I see the benefits of faster lock time, do you ever find yourself in a situation where your 425mm's have trouble tracking small frigates?

There aren’t many frigates being used in general w-space operations, so I nearly only come across scanning frigates, cov-ops, and stealth bombers that are particularly small. In the first two cases, the scouts will be trying to get away from me, and they don’t tend to spiral away. The scouting boats die pretty quickly to the autocannon fire. Stealth bombers could potentially cause me problems, but not from tracking issues. They are really flimsy too, so unless the pilot has a solid plan and has range on me and sensor dampers then his ship pops really quickly too.

Interceptors are a concern, I have to admit. I have no idea if a scram and web would be enough to let me hit them, and I just tend to avoid them as much as possible. I’ve come across a couple of assault frigates, but they were being used in a Wolf Rayet system, boosting their armour and small weapon damage. I don’t recommend taking them on in those circumstances.

I use the sensor booster partly to slightly negate the recalibration delay from decloaking, and partly to give me a better chance of catching pods. I catch quite a few, so I like to think it works. A web does give more options on the ships to engage, though, rather than the tiny reaction-time advantage.

Anonymous asked: I love your guides. Recently I had two roaming wormholes stop by my system. Thinking they were exits and that I only had to worry about not opening my static before getting my bloot, I flew to them. You talk a little about signature strength of wormholes, do you think I could use just the strength to tell the difference between static, roaming, and exit wormholes.

You should be able to. As I understand it, each signature type has a distinctive strength, which used to be used, when deep space probes were available, to rapidly identify every wormhole and its designation within a system. Drop a probe, cover the system, scan and analyse the results.

Deep space probes were removed from the game with the introduction of the discovery scanner, CCP reasoning that the scanner removed the need for the DSPs. I never used that method, but I don’t see why it can be applied with a core or combat scanning probe, as long as you can span your entire system with just one probe. It needs to be one probe too, so that you get a ‘pure’ result from a single source.

Here’s how I would do it: scan normally, resolve your static wormholes, and note their signature IDs. Exit your system and jump back to reset all results. Launch probes again, this time isolating one from the cluster. Centre the probe in the system and expand it to its biggest range. Scan. Note the strengths of your two static wormholes, as identified by your previous scanning.

The strengths you note should be identical each time you scan with one probe at the same range with the same skills. This means that at the start of your next session you should be able to scan with a single probe before resolving any signatures and identify your static wormholes from their strengths. Any other wormholes will be K162s or wandering connections.

As an aside, I would prefer to see some uncertainty in the scan results that add a tolerance to signature strengths at higher scan ranges, explicitly to prevent identifying signatures simply by their invariant strengths. Tolerances should be high enough for sites and wormholes to overlap, so one signature cannot ever be fully recognised by such a coarse scan and scanning cannot be gamed as in the above method.

Anonymous asked: I see your posts have time-stamps but they don't seems to be in GMT or BST. What time zone are they in?

My posts’ published timezone is GMT, the original and best timezone.

Anonymous asked: How do I survive a BS w/ logi support WH eviction, they ninja'ed a POS onto our sys already... By survive, I meant run away to HS w/o dying horribly, welp? There's 3 combat pilots (in our corp) vs 15+ during the 1st POS bash into reinforcement... so fighting face on is out.

You could pay an outrageous fee to a mercenary corp to come and help, but that assumes you can find an entrance for them, which seems like the part you are most struggling with.

If the very basic instinct is survival, I recommend: getting in a scanning boat with a cov-ops cloak, get out of your tower to a safe spot, and hide. Scan for wormholes when the system looks safe, or go off-line and wait a few hours or days for the right opportunity. Keep a handful of disparate safe spots ready, and take it one system at a time. Guide others out with you as necessary, keeping them cloaked or off-line in safe spots and using out-of-game comms to coordinate safe system transits.

If you mean getting your tower out too, you’re probably a bit late for that. I’m guessing your invaders will be back as soon as the tower comes out of reinforced, so off-lining what you can, throwing it in an Orca, and trying to hide is out of the question.

Either way, get back to HS, rebuild your wallets, and you’ll be back in w-space as soon as you find another empty system. That last bit’s the hard part.

Anonymous asked: So, whats the downside to a scanning tengu with ECM for a tank? Thanks for your ideas.

ECM isn’t guaranteed, unlike a regular tank. Although not getting shot is, of course, better than absorbing hits, a missed jamming cycle and thin tank could be more trouble than having a good idea of how hard your opponent is hitting from the start.

ECM also works on one target per module too, and is racially important. Fit a module against Caldari ships and meet a Loki and you won’t fare so well. A regular tank will work well against all, and although multiple ships will wear down a regular tank more quickly, as least the damage will scale linearly.

It may be worth trying, but you could find that you rarely have the right kind of ECM fitted, or that you don’t get a jam when you really need it.

Anonymous asked: Hello! Here is my bit of asking: Are you accepting new recruits in your corporation? :)

I think so. I don’t really deal with people, unless there’s shooting involved.

Join ‘Basket’, our public channel, and see if you can find a recruiter amongst all the spies.

Anonymous asked: Why?

Because I just may answer your question.